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YYC General Contractors Home, Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeler specializes in customizing your kitchen for you. Our clients love the design we create.

Modern, practical kitchen designs not only increase the value of your house but also lower your energy bills. This will also make it easier for you to sell your home if you ever have to.

Your bath remodeling company deserves to be the best. Professional installation is essential. You will need high-quality materials. We will take care of everything for you. We also educate homeowners about how to update their bathrooms without making them a construction zone.

Our company is the best in Calgary for kitchen remodeling projects. Our team will ensure that your project is up to industry standards and deliver a high-quality product every time.

What should a kitchen remodel 10×10 cost?

The average homeowner spends more money on their kitchens. A 10×10 foot remodel costs on average $150. However, it will vary depending on the size of your home and if you have to make major changes in order for new appliances to fit.

What is the cost of remodeling a 12×12 kitchen?

A 12×12 kitchen remodel in Calgary Ab will cost you between $14,000 and $36,000 based on square footage. Kitchens are often considered an investment. It is important to ensure that your money goes towards something worthwhile. A 12×12 kitchen will allow you to afford any type or remodeling project.

What’s the average price of a kitchen remodeling project in CAlgary Alberta?

Beautiful kitchen remodel

Remodeling a kitchen can be costly in Calgary Ab. However, our estimator can tell you how much it would cost. The average cost of a Calgary kitchen remodel is between $55000 and $113000, depending on what you need. The entire project usually takes between 6-8 weeks to complete. If something goes wrong, or you need more work than you expected, don’t worry about being left out.

Are you curious about the cost of a Calgary, Ab kitchen remodel? Our estimator will help you determine the cost of a kitchen remodel in Calgary. Our most popular project is the kitchen remodel. It’s a complex job that requires both you and your general contractor team (GC) to complete. But, the end result is a room where entertaining or cooking can be done with ease.

Remodeling your kitchen is a great investment that will take your home to the next level. There are many options and styles available. Before you decide how much to remodel your kitchen, it is important that you understand what each option entails.

What should I budget to remodel my small kitchen

A small kitchen remodel in Calgary Ab costs less than a larger one. There are many affordable options that can be done to your kitchen, whether you need new countertops or the space completely gutted and re-installed.

You don’t have to limit your budget when it comes to creating a beautiful space. You can make the most of every inch by planning carefully before you start renovating.

The price of remodeling a small kitchen in Cagary will vary depending on its size and style. Materials cost about $150 per square foot. However, labor costs can increase by around 10%. Other expenses, such as designer fees, could add up to 15-20K.

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Home improvements always cost more than you thought and take longer.

Calgary homeowners are always trying to save money on their next big project. But they don’t often realize there’s more to choose from when it comes to fixtures and finishes. If they are not careful, the excitement of starting a project can lead to them falling apart.

What proportion of the home’s value should be used for kitchen remodeling

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“Affordable kitchen renovations are a must-have for any homeowner.” The general rule of thumb is that 5 to 15% should be spent on a home’s overall value em>

How small is a 10×12 kitchen?

A 10×12′ kitchen has limited flooring and is small. You have many options for remodeling, including increasing your physical size, efficiency, and aesthetics to make your kitchen feel larger again.

It can be exciting to remodel your kitchen in Calgary. However, it is important that you take time to think about what you want. Before you make any major decisions, consult professionals and look through magazines and books for inspiration. This will ensure that your kitchen is exactly what you want.

Bathroom and kitchen plumbing services

All plumbing issues in the bathroom and kitchen are taken care of by us, including cleaning out bowls and toilets that have been contaminated with food ingredients.

Don’t try to do this yourself. Our plumbers are quick and can help you get into your clean space faster than you expected.

Any type of plumbing equipment can be referred to as plumbing fixtures. If installed by highly skilled personnel, they can be customized to match the decor of your home or add some brightness.

What size kitchen is considered big in the bath remodeling industry?

There are many sizes and shapes of kitchens in Calgary. Kitchens in Calgary come in all sizes. Smaller kitchens can be as small as 70 square feet, while larger ones can reach 200 square feet. This is an estimation for each type, based on averages of various sources, including architects who specialize at determining space usage according to its function (e.g., storage versus cooking area).

It can be difficult to understand the dimensions of a kitchen, especially if it is different from your own. But don’t worry. It doesn’t really matter what size you prefer for your cooking preferences and needs – large, small, or mid-sized. It’s something that only time can tell, so it’s best to go and try them all soon.

If you prefer to be mobile, you can choose a smaller kitchen or one with lots of space to entertain guests.

What number of cabinets does an average kitchen have?

Kitchen remodel beautiful kitchen furniture the drawer in cabinet.

By measuring the area in square feet, you can get an idea of how many cabinets will be needed for your space. If 100 square feet equals 1’x1″, then 12 total cabinets would fit on the one side with no appliances. 200 sqft would need extra space of 24-30 inches, which is likely to have enough open-topped storage.

Calgary’s 10×10 kitchen is the most popular size for measuring space. It can be used as a reference point for comparing prices between finishes or retailers. However, it is important to remember to add inches in all directions since your space might not measure precisely at ten feet.

What size is a good kitchen?

Calgary’s 10×10 kitchen is a popular measurement system. This kitchen is also used to compare prices and finishes between different cabinet makers or retailers. However, your design may not be compatible with these measurements.

What would I have done differently if I had known before I remodel my kitchen?

Remodeling a kitchen can be overwhelming. The first one that we took on was quite a challenge. Kitchen design is complicated. You need to think about materials and flooring choices. It’s worth it when your kitchen is finally complete.

Begin by asking yourself why I should remodel my kitchen. It is crucial to start with the why before you make any purchases or demolish anything. Both you and your contractor need to answer all questions, such as “What are we trying achieve?” What is my purpose in this space? What will my kitchen look like five years from now? It is important to consider why you are doing a remodeling project. If your kitchen requires more space or new appliances, then you should first look at its layout and size before looking into tiling options and hardware options.

Kitchen Remodel Ideas

The kitchen is a place where we can prepare delicious food for our taste buds. It’s essential that your kitchen is equipped with all the necessary items to make your family happy.

Your kitchen renovation is a significant investment that will last many years. These 10 kitchen remodeling ideas will give your kitchen a beautiful look.

  1. Use bold cabinet designs

    If you want your kitchen look modern and stylish, bold cabinet designs are the best choice. Bold color choices, whether they are on the lower shelves or the upper ones, will add that extra flair to any kitchen without making it too loud.

  2. Include a Kitchen Island

    Kitchen islands are a great choice when you’re trying to figure out what will make your home stand out. You can add a peninsula, brick n’ beam or brick n’ beam to your kitchen. This will create additional storage and more counter space.

  3. Unusual storage and shelving space

    Your kitchen is the place where you spend most of your time. Why not make it fashionable and functional? Our design plans include new storage space for all your old dishesware and appliances.

  4. Tile Backsplash

    A backsplash will protect your tile from getting dirty and greasy. This project’s surface will allow for food particles and water droplets to be collected.

  5. Install advanced stainless steel appliances

    Imagine cooking with a durable appliance that will last for many years. Stainless steel is a durable metal that will not rust or emit harmful chemicals like other metals. And with its durability comes convenience-stainless is easy to clean which means less time scrubbing away at old food residue each week (or month).

  6. Use metallic hardware

    Your kitchen is more than a place where you prepare food. It’s an extension to your personality. You can create the perfect atmosphere for entertaining guests by adding metallic hardware to your kitchen.

  7. Use substantial materials for countertops

    A countertop made from high-quality materials will last for years of heavy use. You should avoid using cheap Formica products, which can be easily damaged by heat surfaces such as cooktops, to prevent cracking, chipping or breaking under pressure.

  8. Implement statement decor

    A great way to showcase some Alberta-made pieces is to use statement decor in your kitchen. While you don’t need to go overboard with your kitchen decor, it is important to make sure it has an impact on the space.

  9. A place for everything

    You can make your kitchen more spacious by reorganizing it. Lower cabinets should be able to hold plates and bowls, while upper cabinets can store other essentials like spices. Because they are easily accessible by children, make sure you don’t fill them with dangerous materials. This stunning, yet modern Calgary kitchen remodel is a popular one.

  10. Personal touches

    Homeowners are constantly looking for ways to personalize and enhance their homes. Asking an interior designer to customize your home, such as installing furniture you have designed, is a great way. A Calgary kitchen remodel is a simple one, with sleek white cabinets and beautiful wood floors.

    Bathroom remodeling services in Calgary Ab

    Calgary Bathroom Remodeling can help make your bathroom more beautiful, functional, and comfortable. We can provide a variety of bathroom remodeling services to suit your needs.

    Bathroom remodeling can transform your bathroom into a beautiful, new space. There are many options for remodeling services to choose from, so you can be sure that you have the best design.

    Learn more about our services as bathroom remodel contractors

    YYC General Contractors can help you realize your dream bathroom and kitchen remodeling goals. Our quality is unsurpassed, and we can do anything from adding new fixtures to completely redesigning the room. With a complimentary consultation in Calgary, we are the smart choice for your galley-kitchen remodeling project.

    We are local designers for your Calgary home. We will customize your home to suit your personal style by assigning a project manager.

    Our company is the only one in the industry to be 100% owned and managed by designers. Our Calgary based team is seasoned and has completed numerous full-service kitchen projects. You can trust us to deliver amazing results every time. Our company is a great choice for any future project in Calgary, AB.

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