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Basements are usually one of the most overlooked areas of a home improvement project because we typically use them for storage. However, it can lead to expensive mistakes if we don’t care for them properly. 

Fortunately, with some creativity in your basement renovation project, you can transform it into a second living room or an extra bedroom. 

To ensure a successful basement renovation, it’s always best to look for the signs your room needs urgent improvement. However, this step can be tricky if you’re unfamiliar with masonry work. 

This article will enumerate five warning signs your neglected space needs a basement renovation. 

1. Degrading Elements 

One of the most obvious signs your basement needs an urgent renovation is when you spot deteriorating elements within your space. These components can acquire damage over time because of excessive use and exposure. 

Keep a close eye on your staircases, poles, joints, and doors for wear and tear, like cracks, holes, splitting, and warping. Besides making it look not aesthetically pleasing, it can also make your basement unsafe. 

You can ensure the occupants’ safety and the basement’s quality by inspecting the elements regularly. You should also work with a reputable contractor to help you repair or replace the aging parts. 

2. Using Harmful Techniques 

Building your house decades ago makes you more likely to find dangerous chemicals inside your property. These chemicals include asbestos, old paint, radon, solvents, and other volatile organic compounds, which can harm the environment and the inhabitants. 

You can consider a basement renovation if you have an older house to give it a new look and reduce the adverse effects of the presence of these chemicals. 

3. Plumbing Problems 

Your plumbing problems usually originate from the basement because everything spills into this space if there are water pipes or sewer leaks. For this reason, most homeowners avoid entering this room unless it’s an emergency. 

While you can always clean up the less, it may be too late or insufficient because the water has already damaged the floor and walls. Fortunately, you can save yourself from expensive mistakes and move forward with your basement renovation when you work with a reputable general contractor. 

This critical step can help you save money on spending separately on a plumber and contractors and grant peace of mind. 

4. Structural Damages

It’s time to consider a basement renovation if it suffers from different structural problems, where the walls, floors, pillars, and ceiling need urgent repairs. Neglecting these damages can lead to bowing walls and visible cracks in the basement’s ground, making the space unsafe and unsightly. 

5. Water Damage

Another warning sign your basement needs a renovation is if you spot any signs of water damage. These damages can lead to severe problems if you don’t address them immediately: 

It’s best to contact basement renovation contractors to deal with these issues.


Basements have a terrible reputation for being dark, damp, and neglected spaces. Fortunately, working with a reputable contractor for your basement renovation and spotting the warning signs can help you transform it into a more livable, aesthetically pleasing space. 

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